India Day

One of the most anticipated events organized by PISA, India Day has been growing since its start in 2018. Packed with all the extravaganza with an array of dance numbers from graceful classical performances to electrifying Bollywood dances, theatrical live dramas and stand-up comedies from our students. Representing the beautiful diversity of India and its various cultures through art and music. The event also includes performances form different noted associations of Politecnico. To end the event on higher note there is Indian food for everyone to enjoy.

Flash MOb

Every year PISA organizes flash mob packed with spectacular dance performances and dramas and take it to the streets of Torino. By flash mob we try to do our bit in raising awareness for issues and in general in a bid to increase cultural diversity and introducing Indian art and entertainment to the people of Torino.

Independence day & Republic day

The events are celebrated respectively in remembrance of the Independence day of India and Republic Day for honoring the implementation of the Indian Constitution. The events take place in Piazza Cavour, in front the the statue of The Mahatma Gandhi where all students and families get together to honor the spirit of India and its values. Followed by Indian snacks and refreshments for everyone to enjoy.